It is quite interesting how I arrived at this new series. For the last few years we have been making our ultra thin kydex holsters and they have become the favorites of many operators in the field because they are very comfortable and concealable. More important, is that they are extremely fast on the draw. Even the holster magazine writers,who generally loved leather holsters began turning to Kydex because of the speed. I would hear "I love the leather, but the Kydex is so much faster that I have to go with the Kydex". One day I got a call from one of the operators who was having a problem. The ultra thin Kydex holster he was using had formed a crack in it which after enough time does happen to a small percent of those holsters. He said that he was concerned because of his position as a Sky Marshall. He had to go out of the country for extended periods of time and he felt more secure with the strength of leather but didn't want to give up the speed of the Kydex. So he posed the question, "Could you figure out a way to put them together?" My first answer was "No", because you mold leather with water and you mold Kydex with heat. These are total opposites in idea to work with but I thought, why not, I'll try it. It was difficult to get it to work, but I did and now we have the Hybrid Series. Beautiful leather outside and Kydex inside. The walls of the holster are still only 3/32 of an inch thick. The Kydex inside not only makes it fast but with the leather on the outside I noticed that the holster was also more quiet than Kydex. Any style holster that we make can be made into a Hybrid.

ADD $50 TO THE PRICE OF ANY STYLE TO MAKE IT INTO A HYBRID. We have added an extra charge to the Hybrid Series because of the difficulty of laminating and forming the holster. You can order any holsters that we make in this series. For example if you wanted a #9 made into a hybrid, you would order a #9 hybrid. Almost everything else would be the same. Any additions or alterations will be available. Please note that with this holster, reinforcements are not usually needed.


The above holster is a #19 hybrid. All styles can be made as a hybrid for an additional $50.